Accredited Investor Offering

Invest in a Private First Mortgage Fund

Paying a 12% Annual Investment Yield. Secured by a first mortgage underwritten on a less than 50% LTV.


The Sun Yield private mortgage fund offers great opportunities for individual investors.


Investors earn high annual yields by investing in the Sun Yield Private Mortgage Fund, secured by desirable, & luxurious real estate.



Subscribing a 1st mortgage at under 50% LTV. Over 65% of construction completed.

Earn a consistent & secure return by investing in mortgages on vetted real estate.

The Borrower’s Property

Ocean Point Terrace

Puerto Vallarta, México

Superior architecture in an unsurpassed natural setting inspires the imagination and creates a sense of harmony and fulfillment for those who live there.



Loan to Value <50%

Actively being subscribed

Robert (Bob) Fraser

Robert (Bob) Fraser

Founder and Fund Director

Bob provides for Sun Yield Funds a 30-year career of expertise in real estate acquisition, finance, and development. After entering the corporate world as a business analyst with Dun & Bradstreet Corporation growing to senior management, Bob moved to a more entrepreneurial role in the real estate industry. Bob continues to be active in all facets of real estate development in the U.S., Mexico and Canada. His time and tenure as a specialist in finance and real estate brings proficiency to facilitate and manage a debt fund and specifically to analyze the value of the real estate assets being funded.

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FORWARD-LOOKING STATEMENT: *This disclosure contains forward-looking information that is not complete. The forward-looking information is management’s projections based on project planning, and analysis using industry-accepted assumptions and analysis techniques for the real estate market and the project area in particular. While management believes its assumptions and analysis are valid and reasonable, actual results may vary from the forward-looking information and there are a number of inherent risk factors, such as variability in real estate pricing, prices for construction materials, and government policy that could have a negative impact on the Issuers and could cause actual results to differ materially from the forward-looking information. The Issuers undertake no responsibility to update their forward-looking information.

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